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How We Adjust

Our office utilizes instrument adjusting in order to provide specific, low impact adjustments for every patient. We utilize both the Activator and Arthrostim instruments to provide the exact amount of force needed to get pressure off the nerves and allow the nervous system to function at one hundred percent.

Instrument adjusting is truly the way of the future for chiropractic care. It allows the chiropractor to deliver a consistent specific force to every misaligned segment, ensuring an efficient adjustment every time. It also allows the patient to completely relax without "guarding" their muscles in anticipation of the twist and turns of a manual adjustment. This benefit allows the chiropractor to take pressure off the nervous system without putting undue stress on any musculature or soft tissue in the area that may be tender. Dr. Walsh also utilizes a drop table and hands on adjusting for low back injuries using the Thompson method when applicable. We make sure to communicate with each of our patients what form of treatment they are most comfortable with.

Our chiropractors will check your entire spine on every visit. We want to make sure that every patient's nervous system is working at maximum efficiency before they leave our office.

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